As budget allocation to non-traditional marketing strategy development and implementation grows, the use of alternative marketing mediums also become more prevalent. Subsequently, a day doesn’t go by without a new company being founded with a distinct type of expertise and join the marketing services sector.

The lack of a business association to facilitate and guide such a rapidly developing sector was viewed as an obstacle for sometime. Towards the end of 2004, a platform was formed by some leading companies in order to define the sector, determine the model of the association to be formed, its mission and goals. As a result, in September of 2005, Turkish Direct Marketing Association was established.

The twelve founding members of TDMA are 4P Marketing Services, directCom, DMC, Ekom, İvme, Majör, MAPP, Project House, SPS, Tequila İstanbul, Tribal ve Trio Marketing Solutions.

Our Mission

Establishment of TDMA is comprised of:
bringing in the sector a vision;
facilitating a health environment for interaction between the service providers and all current and potential clientele;
enhancing the quality of services being provided;
tackling the issue of unfair competition.

Our Vision:

TDMA will be dedicated to bring solutions to sector’s issues, work towards strengthening credibility of the business, develop training programs, compile a business ethics code and help grow employees, clients, non-governmental organizations and all other investors of the sector.

Scope of TDMA

TDMA member companies not only strive to construct a relationship between brands and their targeted customers that utilizes other than mass communication tools / mediums, but also design and execute interactive, tangible, inviting, collaborative and measurable marketing communications projects that create loyalty, trigger sales and affect the bottomline.

Goals of TDMA

Strengthen internal communication within the sector and build a healthy information flow between the service providers and clients
Widen the vision of the sector and increase the practice’s esteem and value among current and potential customers
Create solutions for sector’s issues
Monitor managerial and legal rules and regulations concerning the sector, work towards necessary changes to take place and be in close contact with the interested parties
Develop and deliver training seminars differentiated amongst grades of professional proficiency to increase the level of service in the sector
Form and shape service standards and code of ethics of the sector and oversee that they are being followed
Battle against unfair play and unregistered/untaxed work
Standardize relationship between service provider and recipient and determine criterion for pricing

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